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    Private Photo:  You need this App If ..

You are Private person and want to keep away people from viewing my family photos if they take your cellphone.
You want to use your camera to take close ups of all your credit cards, IDs or confidential data.
Give Your personal Photos a private getaway..
Because your Cell phone is sometimes passed/borrowed to friends, kids or a stranger and saying ‘No’ or avoiding people from not looking into you phone picture gallery is a Toughie!!
The Private Photo App will help you just do that!! This app is an endeavour to define a new facet to mainta
We make it worth, every penny you spend :-)

Key features:
*** Award Winning App at Nokia Singapore App Challenge 2011.
*Simple 6 digit numeric password. - Fast access
*Multiple images Import/Export/Delete/Move.
*DECOY Mode - access to restricted folders .
*BEST Pinch and Zoom photos.
*SlIDE SHOW - Instant pan zoom, Landscape and Portrait mode support.
*A full screen preview with easy touch(flick) Navigation.
*Easy, self guided navigation to learn this application.
*100% support is assured (at best possible level)

   Private Video:  ** Ever been hit by a problem like - I have personal videos, which I want to keep safely locked in my phone. What do I do?
We have answers to your problem.
Launching Private Video -
First App in Marketplace to secure your videos in the phone. 
Now comes with video IMPORT/EXPORT.
A must try app if you want to get the latest feature first in Marketplace. We are commited to make it worth every penny you spend with us. 

Key features:
*Simple 6 digit numeric password.
*Take videos from your Camera and instantly lock them down.
*Instant full screen preview with easy touch Navigation.
*Easy, self guided navigation to learn this application.
*100% support is assured (at best possible level).
*More fantastic updates on the way.

   Favorites With Edit B4 Dial:  I want to keep all my favorites Callers, MSG, Email, Contacts at one place. So that I can access them quickly.
This is an app which will just do the same and much more. 
Sometimes I want to edit the number before dialing. Say for example prefixing few digits when I am using calling cards overseas. And many other occasions.
We designed  this app keeping in mind these basic yet important needs while using phones. 
Also, this is 2 in 1 app. Edit before dial + Favorites.
Save yourself the pain, time and money, to purchase two different apps. 

Key features:
*Easy and FAST navigation.
*Best Metro UI.
*Customer SUPPORT option inbuilt.
*100% customer support (at best possible level).
*New Features in development.

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